Employment Arrangement Service for Canadian Business

Introduction of COS Education Consulting Inc.

COS has been a dedicated servant of the local Early Education and IT industry for almost a decade. A part of our missions was recruiting foreign students or workers from Japan, Korea and China to participate in local Canadian education or labor industry.

Employment Agency Licence 20171102  


Our mission is to introduce high-skill IT and ECE foreign worker from Japan and China to the local Canadian industry.


As our business continues to grow, we have received many inquiries from our previous clients for job searching. Therefore, COS has decided to expand the employment arrangement business to satisfy our clients’ needs and help to resolve the labor shortage in the ECE and IT fields.


The difficulty of Hiring Foreign Workers:

Hiring foreign workers sometimes can be very difficult and time-consuming. Most of the foreign worker will need to apply LMIA(Labour Market Impact Assessment) to be able to obtain the legal work status. Our company has the in-house immigration consultants to do the heavy lifting for you.



Most of our employment arrangement service is pro-bono. Employment agency fees can be applied to finding the higher management or advance technician occupations.



If you are interested in our service, please contacts us at info@cosvancouver.com or reach us at 604-558-3223.